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Tourism Awards Handed Out

EmployeesofYear20152016Stakeholders in the tourism industry have been urged to maintain their commitment and discipline going forward.

This appeal was made by the Minister of Tourism, Sport and Culture, Cecil Mc Kie, on the occasion of the 2016 Tourism Awards Ceremony, last Saturday.

According to Mc Kie, it was important for individuals to be recognized for outstanding work within the sector, as it serves as an incentive for them to be better.

Minister Mc Kie recognized that it has been almost a decade since the global economic meltdown – which was responsible for the slump in the industry worldwide, but was heartened to say, "But we have combined our strengths and we have come through it”.

And while the industry had survived the "trials and tribulations,” he cautioned stakeholders, saying that they had come to a point where they must commit themselves to making the industry better.

"For those who provide services, while they may have done well in 2016, they must now say to themselves, how can we do better for the year 2017, because as individuals and providers of service, we have to understand that we are the frontline of the industry and, therefore, ambassadors of the industry and the Vincy product,” McKie said.

Among the persons to be awarded were Shanna Halbich – Front Person of the Year; Michelle Peters – Supervisor of the Year; Roxan Jacobs – Waitress of the Year; Curtis Chase – Chef of the Year; Volando Harry – Bartender of the Year; Evadney Dick – Housekeeper of the Year; Ken Isaacs – Island Ambassador of the Year; Cassius Franklyn – Gardener of the Year; Yohan Little – Boating Operator of the Year, and both Serenity Dive and Beachcombers Hotel were recognized for being the Dive Operator of the Year and for 25 years of continuous service.

Under the SVGTA Standards Awards: Most Outstanding Tour Guide was Elvin Jackson; Most Training Sensitive Restaurant – Mac’s Pizzeria (Bequia) and Vee Jay’s; Most Outstanding Taxi Operator – Carlton Ollivierre (Grenadines) and Zim Codougan (St Vincent); Most Compliant Short term rental – Greg’s Auto Rental; Most Compliant Tour Operator – Bamboo Adventures, and Most Compliant Accommodation – Rainbow Castle Guesthouse (Grenadines) and Seasplash (St Vincent).

And the Ministry’s awardees for 2016 were as follows: Most Improved Community Group – Blackpoint; Most Outstanding Tourist site – Rawacou; Media Promotion – Searchlight; Immigration Officer of the Year – Niasha De Freitas; Stakeholder of the Year – Munro Peters (Daddy Tours); and the Employees of the Year - Karen Lewis and Lindra Ollivierre.


Source of Article:
The Vincentian
By: (DD)